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NOF Metal Coatings North America Inc. and Curtis Metal Finishing will be exhibiting in this year's annual SUR/FIN 2013 Conference.

Chardon, OH – For the first time at the annual SUR/FIN Conference, a Metal Flake session will be held. The Conference and Exhibition organized by the NASF takes place in Rosemont, IL on June 10th-12th and is the meeting place of the coating industry.

The Metal Flake session will be chaired by Dr. Frederic Gheno, VP Quality & Technology of NOF Metal Coatings North America. Papers will be presented that offer different vision angles on the zinc flake technology used in functional corrosion protection coatings. From the flake technology to the properties of the coatings, a world panel of experts will provide upscale information on the subject. Please check the Preliminary Conference Schedule on NASF website.

We encourage everyone to register to the Conference and to attend the Metal Flake session as well as other highly interesting sessions featuring academic and industry papers on various surface finishing themes.

NOF Metal Coatings North America, Inc., part of the NOF Metal Coatings worldwide group, is a leading developer and manufacturer of proprietary corrosion resistant coating compounds, sealers and topcoats.