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Posted: October 14, 2012, 4:51 PM

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CHARDON, OH - NOF Metal Coatings North America and four of their licensees attended the Las Vegas Fastener Expo held by The National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply (NIFS) on Oct 10-12.  The Fastener Expo provided NOF Metal Coatings the opportunity to share about their high performance products, and global presence to many companies from countries all across the globe.  Susan Hurley, the Expo’s General Manager comments on the event, “Final figures released this afternoon show that the Expo had 4,246 registrants from throughout the USA and 39 foreign countries worldwide. Fastener distributors led the way with 1,260 registrants… We received many compliments on the quality of the Expo from exhibitors and attendees alike.” 

NOF Metal Coatings North America would like to thank all of their licensees who have attended the event and also, thank those who have stopped by at their booth and shown interest in the Geomet® and Dacromet® coating system.