ZnCoat, ZnCoat Yellow, ZnCoat Black
Taking anti-corrosion surface treatment to the next level of performance and quality


Looking for better, more consistent performance?


Due to toxicity issues, regulations have been issued that limit or even ban the use of certain materials, including hexavalent chromium (Cr+6) which has been used extensively as passivation for zinc plating. Many Cr+6 applications have been replaced by trivalent chromium (Cr+3). Unfortunately, Cr+3 performance has been inconsistent and poor when compared to Cr+6. Other surface treatments can provide higher performance and more consistent quality, but they are more costly, and often offer more performance than the application requires.


ZnCoat® offers superior corrosion resistance and consistent quality for no extra cost when compared to commercial zinc/trivalent, baked for hydrogen embrittlement relief. ZnCoat® is chrome-free, does not promote hydrogen embrittlement and is a thin coating (8-10μm / 0.3-0.4 mils) that is an ideal drop-in replacement for applications that currently call for environmentally compliant zinc plating.

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ZnCoat® – Available in Silver, Yellow & Black.   Better, more consistent performance.